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“Trust the process, it works!”

“I am a 47 year old woman who was overweight with low self esteem, always feeling tired, and very inactive.

My son started with John almost three years ago and his transition of getting into shape and feeling better about himself was inspirational. So, in March of 2012 I made a life changing decision. I decided to follow in my son’s footsteps and see John. I wanted to see if John could do the same thing for me as he did for my son. I was not disappointed.

I have learned so much from John. He has helped me be more positive about everything.  My self-esteem is much better; I have more energy and just the knowledge of how to eat better without feeling like I am missing something in my diet. I now enjoy eating healthy, and I want to go to the gym.  When I first started with John, I didn’t think that I would ever lose the weight. The clothes were fitting better but the scale wasn’t changing. John kept telling me to “trust the process, it works.”  He kept me motivated.

I’ve lost over 35 pounds and have never felt better. John’s positive attitude and just making the workouts fun but hard, keeps me motivated to continue going to see him. I am so glad my son met him. He has changed my life!”

Carrie E. – West. St. Paul

Awesome Coach

I had always been active but my solo workouts weren’t giving me the desired results.  Choosing John Peters as my personal trainer changed all that.

During my two years working out with John, he taught me how to get the most out of my strength training and cardio.  John is knowledgeable, accessible and responsive.

What I most appreciate about John is that he made an effort to know me and what type of workouts I needed to be successful.  He made me work hard and once I saw the results I was able to make myself work hard.

I moved to Texas five years ago. I keep asking him to move here because I can’t find a quality trainer that kicks my butt like he did.  However, because of John’s coaching, I’m able to continue the exercise program I learned from him and maintain the results he helped me create.

Kelly F. – Austin, TX

More Muscle, Strength, and Confidence

John helped me to gain 10lbs of lean muscle. I was feeling at my weakest because I had not been working out for years, but thanks to John I felt like I had some energy and confidence back in my life. He holds you accountable and truly cares about your goals. He wants to see you succeed. Additionally, I like that he talks to you on an individual level, and you’re not just some other client. He really tries to get to know you, and I appreciated that. Sometimes making the decision to workout can be a tough one. You might be afraid of others laughing at you or thinking it’s futile that you’re even trying. However John is supportive and understanding all the way.

Most people try to lose weight, but I was trying to gain weight since I am technically underweight for a 6′ 1″ guy. Started off at around 170lbs 15-16% body fat, and ended up at around 183lbs 14-15% body fat. Had to return back to school, but plan on hopefully training more soon.

Xav L. – St. Paul, MN

Challenging Workouts

John is very friendly, knowledgeable and flexes the training to fit me and my style. I love my sessions with him as he knows I like a challenge. H also provides excellent feedback and coaching on form.

Terry H. – Apple Valley, MN

Better golf swing, better everything!

After months of urging from my wife, who had been training for nearly a year with John, I decided to make the personal investment to get more fit. My original motivation was to improve my golf game. I had lost distance and flexibility with my swing.

Since December 2013, I’ve trained two days a week (60 minutes each session) with John to build strength and flexibility. During that time, I’ve lost 20 lbs of fat, added 21.5 lbs of muscle, and reduced my percentage of body fat over 10 points. My weight is actually unchanged but my physique is clearly improved. I’ve noticed subtle changes like better posture, endurance for activities, and my clothes fit differently (smaller waist, broader chest and shoulders). My wife has noticed a smaller stomach, thinner face, and smooth skin.

Weight loss was not a primary goal for me (I enjoy food and alcohol too much too surrender those pleasures), but I recently had to provide blood work for an annual physical exam and was surprised with the change from a year ago. All of my health metrics (cholesterol, triglycerides, etc…) had significantly improved such that I will likely be able to discontinue at least one, if not more, medications. I also had my lowest blood pressure readings in at least five years.

Obviously, I was very pleased with those results. And yes, the strength and conditioning work John has designed has allowed me to recoup and exceed my prior golf abilities. I recovered all of my distance, plus added an additional 15-20 yards per club. I recently had two 300 yard plus drives in the same round. A first for me. I was excited and amazed at my improved fitness.

A personal trainer isn’t cheap (he runs a business), but the cost in comparison to excessive medications and other unnecessary medical care is cost effective in the long run. It’s money well spent. John’s personable, has a great sense of humor, enjoys movie quotes and holds you accountable for your fitness improvement. I’m doing exercises (strength and conditioning) that I would’ve found laughable eight months ago (i.e. pirouette push-ups). John is the direct link to that improvement and performance.

Keith K. – Cottage Grove, MN

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