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You are unique, and your training program should be too!

Personal Training

Personal Training

Thrive Personal Training offers Personal Training services to the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area, including (but not limited to) Eagan, Burnsville, Apple Valley, Rosemount, Bloomington, Lakeville, Farmington, and Inver Grove Heights.

Personal Training is an individualized endeavor. You are unique, and your training program should be too! Here’s how it works:


You don’t know where you’re headed (or how long it will take to get there) if you don’t know where you’re starting from. In your complimentary assessment meeting, we will:

  • Set specific goals to determine exactly what you want to achieve and why
  • Review your exercise history to learn what has worked and what hasn’t worked for you in the past
  • Perform a number of tests (body composition, strength, endurance) to evaluate your current fitness level
  • Complete a movement screen to discover any faulty movement patterns that need to be corrected
  • Discuss any specific questions or concerns that you may have

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Program Design

Now we’re ready to build a unique program customized to fit your needs. Specifically, we will:

  • Determine how frequently we are going to meet and for how long
  • Agree on any additional exercise you will need to perform on your own
  • Set nutritional objectives
  • Address any other particulars as needed, such as stress reduction, relaxation, and sleep


Now we’re ready to get to work! We’ll utilize a periodized training program, where we:

  • Progress your workouts each time so you’re continually challenged during each session
  • Adjust our exercises and process based on how your body responds
  • Advance into a new training phase every 4-6 weeks to avoid hitting a plateau


Typically we perform a re-assessment every month. We’ll determine how much progress we’ve made towards your goals, how much further we have to go, and what we need to adjust to get you there!

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