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For Chronic and Acute Injuries

Corrective Exercise

Are you recovering from an injury? Have you just completed a physical therapy program and need to take the next step? Are you dealing with chronic pain and mobility issues?

Corrective Exercise is the answer!

Instead of using a generic strength program, corrective exercise is unique to you. We focus on bringing your body back into an optimal postural position by reducing disparities in your strength, balance, and flexibility, so you can move properly and with diminished pain.

How Does Corrective Exercise Benefit You?

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Correct faulty movement patterns
  • Advance from physical therapy
  • Prevent injuries
  • Enhance posture
  • Decrease joint pain
  • Reduce chronic back pain
  • Improve breathing
  • Boost performance

Specific Techniques I Use For Your Corrective Exercise

  • Movement Screens to determine your body’s current asymmetries and imbalances
  • Muscle Activation Technique and Active Isolated Stretching to activate and strengthen muscles that are dormant or weak
  • Self Myofascial Release to relieve neuromuscular tension, remodel scar tissue, and increase circulation
  • Corrective Stretching to force overactive and tight muscles to relax and release
  • Corrective Strength to eliminate weak links in your kinetic chain and teach your body to operate effectively as a unit
  • Progressive Programming to appropriately advance the exercises as you improve.

Through these methods, we will enhance your biomechanics and function. Your body will become more symmetrical and balanced in its structure, allowing you to move freely and with reduced pain.

Stop limiting yourself from participating in the activities you love. Step off the sidelines and get back in the game!

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