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Bridal Boot Camp

Introducing Bridal Boot Camp!

Bridal Boot Camp combines the 3 essential elements of any fitness program – weight training, cardiovascular exercise, and proper nutrition. You’ll burn off the fat and sculpt your muscles so you can knock the socks off your guests (and your husband) on your big day!

Do You Want To:

  • Lose 15 pounds before your big day?
  • Tone your arms, sculpt your back, and flatten your stomach?
  • Fit perfectly into your wedding dress?
  • Have beautiful pictures to last forever?
  • Look and feel amazing on your special day?

I have the perfect program to help you achieve those goals…


Program Details

  • 12 weeks in length – designed to burn 1.5-2 pounds of fat per week!
  • Periodized workouts – avoid plateaus and improve consistently
  • 2/week – High intensity weight training sessions (60 minutes) – at the gym
  • 2-3/week – Specifically programmed, easy-to-follow cardiovascular training workouts (30-60 minutes) – performed on your own
  • Nutrition Plan – what and how much to eat, as well as proper nutritional supplementation

Group Options

Don’t want to train solo? Then do it as a group! You can train with your groom, mom, maid or honor, or your whole bridal party! Group training is a great way for you to have fun with your gals and get in shape at the same time. Specific advantages are a reduced cost per person, greater accountability and motivation, and a committed group to exercise with outside of the gym. This results in better fitness results and hotter wedding day pictures for everybody!

Available Program Slots

Morning, afternoon, and evening times are available. Contact me today for current openings that will fit your busy schedule!

“Feel Your Best In Your Dress!”

Make the decision to look great today!

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