Why Personal Training?

Because you deserve it!

Unfortunately, Personal Training and Coaching is often looked upon as a luxury in our society.  For instance, when you are cost-cutting, a gym membership or fitness program is often the first thing to go, as opposed to your HBO subscription, for example.  You might even feel guilty when utilizing a trainer for yourself, seeing it as selfish or vain compared to spending money on your family.

This is totally the incorrect mindset – there is nothing wrong with making an investment in yourself!  As I like to say, “If you do a lousy job of taking care of yourself, eventually you’ll do a lousy job taking care of everybody else too!”

Another objection I hear a lot is, “Can’t I just get a workout program out of a magazine?”

Well, the answer is “no,” not if you really want to be effective.  I might be able to learn how to overhaul a car engine from a book, but I will have far better results with an auto mechanic right there to teach and guide me.  The same principle applies when you want to overhaul your body – there is really no replacement for the guidance and direction of a professional, someone who is truly invested in your success.

Still not convinced?

Think for a moment about all the “stuff” that we spend money on – fancy cars, gigantic houses, vacations, restaurants and drinks, and all the things that take up space in your home.  Some of those things are more important than others, but do any of them truly have a significant impact on your health?  Not really. In contrast, here are just a few benefits of training and coaching with me as your personal fitness trainer and nutrition coach:

  • Improved health and longevity
  • Disease and injury prevention
  • Weight loss
  • More confidence!
  • Stress reduction and a more positive attitude
  • Increased focus and productivity
  • Better sleep
  • Greater happiness!

If you’re ready to start seeing and feeling these benefits, call 651 470-1620 or email me today!