Client Results

Working out in a custom personal training program is a fantastic way to get in shape, lose unwanted fat, and create a better body.

Here are just a few of the results experienced by past and current clients.

Feeling Great

I am a 47 year old woman who was overweight with low self esteem, always feeling tired, and very inactive.Thrive-Client-Results-Carrie-text

My son started with John almost three years ago and his transition of getting into shape and feeling better about himself was inspirational. So, in March of 2012 I made a life changing decision. I decided to follow in my son’s footsteps and see John. I wanted to see if John could do the same thing for me as he did for my son. I was not disappointed.

I have learned so much from John. He has helped me be more positive about everything.  My self-esteem is much better; I have more energy and just the knowledge of how to eat better without feeling like I am missing something in my diet. I now enjoy eating healthy, and I want to go to the gym.  When I first started with John, I didn’t think that I would ever lose the weight. The clothes were fitting better but the scale wasn’t changing. John kept telling me to “trust the process, it works.”  He kept me motivated.

I’ve lost over 35 pounds and have never felt better. John’s positive attitude and just making the workouts fun but hard, keeps me motivated to continue going to see him. I am so glad my son met him. He has changed my life!

Carrie Edell – West. St. Paul

Awesome Coach

Kelly Fain 2I had always been active but my solo workouts weren’t giving me the desired results.  Choosing John Peters as my personal trainer changed all that.

During my two years working out with John, he taught me how to get the most out of my strength training and cardio.  John is knowledgeable, accessible and responsive.

What I most appreciate about John is that he made an effort to know me and what type of workouts I needed to be successful.  He made me work hard and once I saw the results I was able to make myself work hard.

I moved to Texas five years ago. I keep asking him to move here because I can’t find a quality trainer that kicks my butt like he did.  However, because of John’s coaching, I’m able to continue the exercise program I learned from him and maintain the results he helped me create.

Kelly Fain – Austin, TX

Inner Athlete AwakenedThrive-Client-Results-John

I had been a High School and College athlete who after attending law school and having four children had let his conditioning slip. A few minor injuries (torn cartilage in the knee and a torn labrum) and I was not feeling very fit. When I turned fifty (50) I wanted to try and recapture not only my vitality but the athlete within.  I needed to not only commit to a long term workout program but a change in my lifestyle. John’s Personal Training and total conditioning approach, resistance training, cardio and a clean diet have helped me recapture the athlete within. My clothes fit better, I look years younger and I have significantly more energy. The varied approach to training works to strengthen my entire body.  The benefits of John’s training permeate my entire life.

John T. Siegler, Esq. – Eagan, MN
A S K Financial LLP

Thrive-Client-Results-AmandaSustained Weight Loss

I started with John Peters in April of 2005 when I had my one-on-one consultation with him, and I am still his client to this day.  I wanted to get in better shape, more toned and to feel better about myself.  In 2 years, I lost 40lbs I and I have kept if off for the past 2 years. He is very passionate about his work and has worked with me every step of the way, even with patience when I was not able to get to the gym at the times I wanted to.  To this day, I still get a good ass-kicking workout every week.

I would highly recommend John Peters as a trainer due to his diligence and motivation.  He will push you to your limits and most times, past your limits so you can achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

Amanda Karch – Cottage Grove, MN

Stronger, More Confident, and Happier

My name is Kathy Fontaine and I am 50 years old.

In June 2010 I underwent hip replacement surgery and in August 2011 I had spinal fusion back surgery.  Needless to say, my body was pretty messed up and I was barely able to walk or stand. In October 2011, I got engaged and we decided on a June 2012 wedding.  As I was still unable to achieve full movement and had so much pain related to my surgeries, my sister referred me to John.  The first day I walked into Thrive to meet John I was in pain and could barely lift my left leg an inch off the floor.  It was all I could do to stand on a treadmill and walk.  Half a mile was about the best I could do if I really pushed myself.

I told John I was getting married in 6 weeks and I had gained weight due to the fact I was inactive after surgery and I needed to fit into my wedding dress.  We decided on 3 training sessions a week until the wedding.  John worked me slowly but intensely and was very caring and concerned about how my body was reacting.  He encouraged me to do things I thought I couldn’t do and, though I was scared, he was right by my side coaching and keeping a close eye on me.

We worked on upper and lower body strength training, and after almost every session he rolled out the points in my body that had the most pain and he stretched out the tender areas.  He also encouraged me to stay after my session and do some cardio training.  He explained what I should be doing to keep up on my training on my days at home, writing everything down for me. By the week of my wedding I was walking over 3 miles, had increased range of motion, my pain had been significantly reduced, and I fit into the dress!  I continue to get stronger every day and feel good about myself and what I am doing.  But I couldn’t have done it without the determination and commitment of John Peters.

Thank you John!

Kathy Fontaine
Northfield, MN

Great Boot Camp Experience

In 2003, I had joined a local gym and signed on with a personal trainer to help me get back in shape and lose some weight that I put on during grad school.  Fortunately, I had a lot of success with introducing weight training, cardio, and a healthy diet into my life.  Unfortunately, a few years later I was really struggling with the motivation to maintain all of the successes I had already achieved with my health and fitness.  Working out by myself got to be rather boring and lonely.

I noticed there was a boot camp type of class at my gym, and it got me curious.  I finally decided to join the class and this was where I met up with John, since he was the boot camp instructor.  It was be fun to work out with a group of people, and I also really liked John’s energy and sense of fun he brought to class every day.

By working out with John, I was able to find my motivation again. Training with John had the following 3 advantages over working out by myself:

  • Accountability – Barring an illness, John did not put up with any excuses for not making it to class.  I remember several mornings laying in bed contemplating skipping 6AM class, and I would think back on what a hard time John gave me and everyone else that missed class without a good reason.  Even though I was tired, I would get up and make it class, and I always had a better day at work that way.  Without a question, I made it to class more days than I would have made it if I were still working out by myself.
  • Encouragement – During phases of the class where we would lift heavy weights and low reps, John would encourage me to lift heavier weight.  I never imagined I would be able to lift as much as I was able to do with John’s encouragement…I think we were both pretty amazed at times how much I was able to lift!  Without John encouraging (and sometimes insisting) that I lift more weight, I am sure I would have just continued to lift a lighter weight working out by myself.
  • Fun – John always managed to be positive and upbeat at class…even considering it was a 6AM class.  He was able to make class fun and also promote a sense of teamwork among everyone in the class.  It was hard to imagine going back to working out by myself after enjoying structured workouts with a trainer.

Jen Scrimshaw – Bloomington, MN
Senior Technology Liaison
EBS – Business Planning & Strategy

Strength Gained and Injuries Rehabilitated

I highly recommend John Peters as a personal trainer. John was my personal trainer and helped me reach my strength training goals with consistent motivation, a fun attitude and persistence.  In addition, John’s extensive knowledge of sports rehabilitation helped me get back to my workout routine quicker than I imagined after sustaining a shoulder injury.

John is a passionate, fun-loving personal trainer who will push you to your limits to achieve your fitness goals!

John Kawohl – Woodbury, MN
ReMax Results

True Friend

(This one is my favorite)

1.  Support!!!!!!  You are ALWAYS there for me when I need you.
2.   Encouragement!!!!  You pushed me to reach way down deep to finish sets, to try things I was afraid of, you caught me before I fell, you laughed with me and let me cry on your shoulder
3.   Honest and caring.  You worry about my eating, or lack thereof.  You voice your concerns and keep after me to change for the better, knowing in the long run, it would make me healthier.
4.   You check up on me even during breaks in training.  You say I can call any time I need to.
5.  You are a TRUE friend, not just a trainer!!!!!!!  You don’t forget me as soon as I leave.  You remember conversations from session to session, even weeks later.
6.  You make me do things I am afraid to do because you know I can do them when I don’t know it myself.

Liz Lucast – Blaine, MN