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Proper Push-up Modifications!

Are you bored with doing only traditional push-ups?  Do you find doing them on the ground too challenging, or conversely, too easy?  Check out this video for some great push-up modifications to burn more fat and challenge your body effectively! Please upgrade your browser

How much should I eat to lose weight?

What is the proper amount of food to eat for sustained weight loss?  How can I judge this without dragging a food scale to every meal?  Watch the video for a simple answer! Please upgrade your browser

To lose weight, should I focus on cardio or resistance training?

A question I often hear is “What is better for losing weight – resistance training or cardio?”  Some trainers will emphasize only one.  However, here the is the best approach: Please upgrade your browser

How Often Should I Workout To Lose Weight?

My new personal training clients often ask me during our first workout session, “How often should I workout to lose weight?” Here’s the answer I give them: Please upgrade your browser