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Everyday Calorie Burning Tips

Do you want to burn more calories every day?  Watch the video to learn 3 simple tips to incinerate more calories on a daily basis with minimal effort.  This will add up to tens of pounds over the long term! Please upgrade your browser What… Continue reading

All-Weather Outdoor Workout!

Do you get sick of exercising indoors, regardless of the weather?  Do you want to rock it outside, even if there’s snow on the ground?  Watch this video for a great outdoor workout that you can enjoy, no matter if the weather is crappy or… Continue reading

Proper Push-ups Part 2!

Need more options for push-ups?  Watch the video for some challenging variations on an old favorite! Please upgrade your browser What’s your favorite style of push-up?  As usual, share it below! John Peters

Killer Core with No Equipment!

Do you find it difficult to make time for your ab work?  Do you want to be able to strengthen your core, anywhere, anytime, and with no equipment?  Watch the video and learn 3 essential core exercises that you can do as often as you want,… Continue reading

Killer Core Training with the Stability Ball!

Do you want to strengthen your core, glutes, and lower back?    Check out this video to learn how to train and sculpt these areas with a standard tool of the trade, the stability ball! Please upgrade your browser

Stupendous Squats and Great Glutes!

Are your squats studpendous, or merely so-so?  Improper squat technique can cause you to overload your quads and put unneccessary pressure on your knees.  Perform your squats correctly and you’ll not only sculpt your glutes, quads, and hamstrings, but also teach your body an essential movement pattern! Please upgrade your browser

Creative Ways to Exercise at Home!

Do you feel like you’re always choosing between your “To-Do” list and working out?  What if you could do both at the same time?  Watch this fun video involving me, a sledgehammer, and a concrete sink to get some ideas! Please upgrade your browser

Workout with your kid!

Are you a busy parent who finds it difficult to exercise with your kid (or kids) running around?  If so, this video is for you!  Check it out to learn how to use your child for sit-ups, shoulder presses, and more! Please upgrade your browser

Radical Rows and Perfect Posture! (#2)

Do you sit at a desk all day or work with objects mostly in front of you?  Do you catch yourself slouching often?  I guarantee that you fall in at least one of those categories.  Improve your posture and appearance (and maybe even your height)… Continue reading