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These 7 Foods Hide Massive Sugar

It’s hard to avoid sugar when many common foods secretly contain loads of it. You know that eating an excess of sugar will derail your fitness progress and quickly lead to an increase in body fat, but recent studies are proving that sugar is much more… Continue reading

5 Meals in 5 Minutes!

Most of us want to eat healthy – we really do – but a single detrimental factor gets in our way…we simply don’t have the time. I get it, we all lead busy lives that leave very little extra time for healthy meal prep, but… Continue reading

BEST Ab Exercises!

Are you still doing dozens of crunches in the hopes of getting flat, washboard abs? Traditional crunches are old news, so let’s take your ab routine to the next level with the following 5 Best Ab Exercises. The most effective ab exercises strengthen your core… Continue reading

Thrive Internet Expansion!

I am pleased to announce that Thrive Personal Training is now listed on on Google Maps and Thumbtack!  Google Maps (or Google Places) is a great way to find and research local businesses and get directions to them.  Thumbtack is fantastic website by which consumers and service providers… Continue reading

Can’t slim down? Here’s WHY…

Wanting to lose fat, and failing at it, is one of the most frustrating experiences ever. Read the following 7 Fat Loss Problems to discover what is standing in your way and how to quickly and easily begin reshaping it all. Fat Loss Problem #1:… Continue reading

Are you overeating?

Let’s face it, the extra pounds you’re carrying around are due to overeating – plain and simple. Why do you overeat? Here are a few likely reasons: 1. Habit: Whether you realize it or not, you eat in a learned pattern, rather than out of… Continue reading

Why YOUR fat loss is STUCK…

If your scale won’t budge, then this story is for you. Jon Gabriel was stuck. At nearly 410 pounds, he had tried every diet imaginable – with no luck. No matter what approach he took to lose fat, his body would fight him, and he… Continue reading

All-Weather Outdoor Workout!

Do you get sick of exercising indoors, regardless of the weather?  Do you want to rock it outside, even if there’s snow on the ground?  Watch this video for a great outdoor workout that you can enjoy, no matter if the weather is crappy or… Continue reading

Workout with your kid!

Are you a busy parent who finds it difficult to exercise with your kid (or kids) running around?  If so, this video is for you!  Check it out to learn how to use your child for sit-ups, shoulder presses, and more! Please upgrade your browser