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New Year’s “Resolutions?”

In the past, I’ve avoided New Year’s Resolutions for a couple of reasons.  One was because it seemed that everyone was making them.  Second, most folks I knew gave up on their goals (such as exercising, eating better, etc.) in less than a month!  Therefore, I prefer… Continue reading

Radical Rows and Perfect Posture! (#2)

Do you sit at a desk all day or work with objects mostly in front of you?  Do you catch yourself slouching often?  I guarantee that you fall in at least one of those categories.  Improve your posture and appearance (and maybe even your height)… Continue reading

Proper Push-up Modifications!

Are you bored with doing only traditional push-ups?  Do you find doing them on the ground too challenging, or conversely, too easy?  Check out this video for some great push-up modifications to burn more fat and challenge your body effectively! Please upgrade your browser