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How do I set fitness goals?

The first step towards improving your health and fitness is setting smart goals.  Too often we begin our journey without a clear endpoint, or even path, in mind.  For instance, I’ve heard “I want to lose weight and tone up,” thousands of times over the… Continue reading

Grilling Season Tips

Although we are now in September, the grilling season is still in full swing.  Most of us who love raw meat and fire will be pushing the “start” button or lighting the coals quite regularly until the snow flies.  Grilling has the potential to be… Continue reading

5 Tips For Fast Fat Loss

When new clients come to me, they often have the same question for me: How can I lose the fat that I’ve put on over the last few years? Skip the pills, fad diets, and the miracle cures. If you really want to lose the… Continue reading